About Us
New City Bank is located in Chicago’s South Loop at 900 S. Michigan Avenue. New City Bank is fully FDIC insured and received its charter in October of 2003.
Our Mission
New City Bank is founded on the philosophy of providing customers with a neighborhood banking experience in the big city. New City’s goal is to provide customers with exemplary service that will result in long term relationships.
Community Involvement
One of New City Bank’s continuing goals is to become involved in and serve the surrounding community. To better meet this end, New City has instituted a Community Advisory Board comprised of various community leaders. The purpose of this Board is to investigate specifically how New City Bank can better meet the needs of the neighborhood. At quarterly meetings this Board makes recommendations to the Directors on where the Bank can make improvements in the community and how it can expand its positive impact on areas in need. 

In addition to the Advisory Board, New City Bank is involved in the Near South Planning Board and is currently seeking other memberships in neighborhood organizations.

Finally, New City Bank goes to great lengths to make home ownership more affordable in the area by providing equal opportunity home mortgages and other loans to qualified applicants. New City Bank is currently processing over 10 million dollars in loans, many of which are being given to multi-family dwellings and small businesses. 

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